Amid local complaints

Hirran Valley closed to heavy vehicles

SHAQLAWA — Authorities in Shaqlawa have begun enforcing restrictions on the movement of heavy vehicles, including trucks and tankers, within the city limits and the nearby Hirran area, aiming to improve traffic flow and safety.

Officials have barred these vehicles from crossing through the city, a policy that took effect at the Maweran Tunnel. Police and traffic control units are now redirecting trucks and tankers at the tunnel’s entrance, guiding them towards the Mamajalak route. From there, vehicles are rerouted towards Raperin, Koya, and Sulaymaniyah.

In the Hirran sub-district, near Gardjassan village close to Gerote, checkpoints have been established to divert traffic towards Aspindare village along the Mamajalak route, preventing passage through Hirran.

Efforts by 964media to reach Karwan Karimkhan, the District Administrator of Shaqlawa, for comment were not successful.

The new traffic regulations come as a response to the deteriorating condition of the Mamajalak-Hirran road, plagued by potholes, trenches, and uneven surfaces after enduring the daily strain of heavy vehicle traffic. This wear has led to frequent road accidents.

To prevent further damage and reduce traffic incidents, the Hirran Valley route has been closed to heavy vehicles.