Volumes to change based on need

Iraq signs five-year gas deal with Iran to boost electricity production

BAGHDAD – Iraq’s Ministry of Electricity signed a five-year contract with Iran’s National Gas Company on Wednesday, securing natural gas supplies to bolster domestic power generation.

The agreement, signed by Electricity Minister Ziad Ali Fadel, stipulates daily gas deliveries of up to 50 million cubic meters, the ministry said in a statement. The exact volumes will fluctuate based on Iraq’s grid requirements.

The deal aims to “maintain the momentum of production station operations, cope with peak loads and the increasing demand for electricity,” the ministry added. This imported gas will bridge the gap until “the completion of the rehabilitation of national gas fields and meeting the electricity needs.”

Iraq has long struggled with chronic power shortages, forcing residents and businesses to endure daily blackouts or rely on expensive private generators. The country requires natural gas imports to fuel its power plants, for which Iran has been a key supplier.