Protesting 'ongoing neglect and marginalization'

Sinjar schools strike over unpaid Yazidi teachers’ appointment issues

SINJAR — Teaching staff and students from the village of Dahola in Sinjar initiated a strike on Sunday, halting all educational activities in protest against the non-appointment of unpaid Yazidi teachers. The action was a direct response to the Directorate of Education in Nineveh’s decision to fill teaching positions with candidates from outside the region, bypassing local educators. The protestors argue that this move sidelines the Yazidi community, highlighting a pattern of marginalization.

Shilan Khider, a student participant, told 964media: “The strike is our stand against the ongoing neglect and marginalization of Yazidi graduates and lecturers in the allocation of educational job positions.” Khider further expressed disappointment in the Education Directorate’s indifference to their pleas, emphasizing the demand for equitable treatment and opportunities in the education sector, free from discrimination.

Jasim Shamo, a local school director, shared similar sentiments with 964media, underscoring the plight of graduates who have been contributing to the educational system as unpaid teachers, with hopes of eventual official appointment. “The surprise appointment of individuals from other regions to these positions is a clear act of discrimination,” Shamo remarked. He explained that the strike is intended to signal a strong demand to the Education Directorate in Nineveh and all related authorities for justice and equal employment chances for all candidates.