New competition drives down prices of live chickens in Sulaymaniyah

SULAYMANIYAH, July 25 — The price of live chickens in the Kurdistan region’s markets is down by 500 Iraqi dinars this week due to waning demand and lower shipments to the country’s central and southern cities, according to the Poultry Farmers Association in Sulaymaniyah.

Prices have dropped to 2,000 dinars per kilogram, leaving farmers frustrated at mounting losses.

Head of the association, Nazem Abdullah, told 964: “Chicken exports to the central and southern regions of Iraq have declined because a company opened in Baghdad that can raise chickens at a cost of less than 1,500 dinars per kilogram, supported by banks at a rate of 1,320 dinars per US dollar.”

The new company in Baghdad, Sahara Karbala, is a subsidiary of  Etihad Company.

A spokesperson from Sahara Karbala confirmed they are planning to achieve sufficient chicken production to meet demand throughout Iraq by the year 2025.