Defendent accused of dealing meth

Life sentence handed to drug trafficker by Kirkuk criminal court

KIRKUK, August 28 — The Kirkuk Criminal Court issued a life sentence on Monday to a drug dealer involved in the trafficking and distribution of narcotics in the Shwan subdistrict.

A statement from the judiciary’s press office said:

The Kirkuk Criminal Court has sentenced a drug dealer to life imprisonment for the crime of trafficking and promoting narcotics in the Shwan subdistrict of Kirkuk.

The correspondent of the Supreme Judicial Council’s press center stated that he was arrested in possession of 1.56 kilograms of the controlled substance methamphetamine (crystal) with the intention to trafficking and distribution among users.

The decision was made in accordance with the provisions of Article 28/1 of Drug and Psychotropic Substances Law No. 50 of 2017.