Local wheat cultivation shows promising results

ERBIL – This year, agricultural research has heralded the success of locally cultivated wheat in the Erbil region, highlighting the effectiveness of six indigenous wheat strains.

Abdul-Samad Mahmoud Saleh, Director of Agricultural Research in Erbil, informed 964media that multiple teams have been dispatched to visit the farmers engaged in this wheat project. Since yesterday, specialists in plant protection, soil conservation, and laboratory analysis have commenced field inspections of the areas planted with these local wheat varieties. Early observations suggest that the local wheat has shown remarkable adaptability to the Kurdistan Region’s climate, particularly in terms of its resilience.

Saleh highlighted, “The locally cultivated wheat has demonstrated significant success when compared to its imported counterparts.” The cultivation spanned various areas, including Beranty, Koya, Bitwen, Herir, Dibege, and Mala Qara, involving a total of 78 farmers. Saleh noted that some of these wheat varieties have been the subject of over a dozen years of research and testing prior to their distribution to the local farming community for cultivation.