Project was stalled since 2014

Large pipes en route to Akre for strategic water project

DUHOK, August 26 — The Akre Directorate of Water in Duhok governorate reports that a number of massive pipelines are on their way to the region to resume a stalled strategic water project that has been pending since 2014.

Zrar Ahmed Harki, Director of the Akre Water Department, told 964: “A budget of 116 billion Iraqi dinars was allocated for the strategic water project in Akre, and 65-percent of the work has been completed so far. The project was halted in 2014 due to the financial crisis, and procuring these large pipes had been a major obstacle for its completion.”

Harki said the pipes are en route from Iran, where the Department purchased them from. Officials expect the project to accelerate once the pipes arrive.

“Up until now, 55 billion dinars have been disbursed to the contracted company, and the remaining amount will be paid to complete the remaining steps,” Harki stated. “This project will directly benefit the central district of Akre, which comprises 18 villages. Additionally, we have the potential to extend its benefits to another 22 villages.”

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