During meeting with MPs

Al-Sudani stresses parliamentary support for his government

BAGHDAD — Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani underscored the necessity of parliamentary backing to implement the government’s agenda in a meeting with the Khidmat Parliamentary Bloc in his office, according to a statement from Al-Sudani’s media office received by 964media.

Established on Feb. 28th within the Iraqi Parliament, the Khidmat [Service] Parliamentary Bloc consists of 14 members and is led by MP Aziz Sharif Al-Miyahi. The Bloc defines its primary objective as strengthening the government’s service-oriented agenda and promoting collaboration among various sectors and political factions toward this goal.

In the meeting, Al-Sudani praised “the formation of the Khidmat Bloc in the Parliament, which aims to support the government in executing its public service-oriented program.

The discussions focused on reviewing the progress of major service projects and the reconstruction of infrastructure across Iraqi provinces, emphasizing the importance of sustaining efforts across various service sectors and reinforcing economic reform foundations to meet citizens’ needs for improved social and living standards.

Al-Sudani highlighted “the importance of parliamentary support for fulfilling the executive branch’s goals and meeting citizens’ expectations,” urging “parliamentary committees to intensify their oversight of project implementation and service delivery to maintain momentum and achieve the public interest.”

Members of the Khidmat Bloc affirmed their commitment to support the government’s service program and to coordinate efforts with institutions and political forces to achieve development and reconstruction goals, create job opportunities, and reduce poverty rates.

Al-Sudani’s government has won some public goodwill through its delivery of public services but faces major challenges due to entrenched corruption and the prime minister’s lack of a solid political base.