Just 10% of required systems available

Iraq working to modernize irrigation systems amid water scarcity

BAGHDAD, August 26 — Iraq needs 1,500 modern irrigation systems across the country to cover the agricultural sector, according to government spokesperson Bassim Al-Awadi.

The 150 irrigration systems currently available are far less than the number required to support the agriculture industry, especially as the country faces and unprecedented drought.

In an interview with Al-Sabah newspaper, Al-Awadi said: “Iraq is diligently working to advance irrigation technologies that regulate water usage within farmlands, addressing water scarcity nationwide, and enabling agricultural expansion across governorates [despite] limited water flow from upstream countries.”

Al-Awadi emphasized: “The country needs to achieve production of 1,500 irrigation systems, whereas the domestic manufacturing capacity does not exceed 150 systems.” He pointed out that “expanding the production of these technologies is of utmost importance, as it increases agricultural yield, reaching substantial levels to meet the nation’s demand for strategic crops.”

According to the United Nations, Iraq is losing some 400,000 hectares of agricultural land due to drought.

“Water scarcity can be transformed into a success opportunity by expanding the use of advanced technologies that regulate water usage and provide plants with the required water quantity, eliminating all forms of waste,” Al-Awadi added.