Babil University and University of Hull

Iraqi, UK universities develop innovative plaster for needle-free injections

BABIL — A joint effort between Babil University and the University of Hull in the UK has resulted in the development of a novel “smart plaster” offering an alternative to traditional injections for patients with needle phobias.

The innovative plaster, designed for transdermal absorption, was created by a collaborative team including Dr. Qassem Al-Shammari of Babil University’s College of Material Engineering, a University of Hull doctoral student , and London-based psychiatrist Dr. Tariq Al-Kubaisi.

Al-Shammari told Al-Sabah newspaper the new technology holds significant promise, particularly for individuals with mental health conditions who experience fear or adverse reactions to traditional injections. “The smart plaster also aims to provide a convenient alternative for children and other patients with needle phobias,” he said.

The team successfully utilized chitosan, a biodegradable material derived from shrimp shells, in the construction of the plaster’s micro-needles.

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