Union's 56th session underway

Baghdad University assumes presidency of Arab Universities Union

BAGHDAD — Baghdad University formally assumed the presidency of the Union of Arab Universities (UAU) during the regional organization’s 56th session in Baghdad this week.

Iraq’s Ministry of Education announced the handover in a statement detailing the start of the UAU’s General Conference hosted by Baghdad University. Parliamentarians and academics from Iraq and other member states, as well as representatives from international organizations and unions, reportedly attended the opening ceremony, which coincided with the union’s 60th anniversary.

Dr. Bahaa Ibrahim Insaf, President of Baghdad University, welcomed attendees and emphasized the conference’s significance in promoting academic cooperation and fostering a platform for the exchange of ideas to develop education in the Arab world.

Dr. Lotfi Belkacem, the union’s preceding president from Tunisia’s University of Sousse, expressed appreciation for holding the conference in Baghdad and said he envisioned a new era of collaboration between Arab universities and institutions, with hopes to establish the groundwork for joint initiatives.

Similarly, Dr. El Hadi Belhaj Saleh, former president from the University of Monastir, Tunisia, acknowledged challenges facing societies in the region. He emphasized the role of universities in seeking scientific solutions through the UAU, a vital platform for collaborative action.