Providing a clearer picture of Iraq

964media celebrates its first anniversary

NEWSROOM — 964media launched its multilingual website in Arabic, Kurdish, and English on March 3, 2023, aiming to offer a comprehensive view of Iraq. Celebrating its first anniversary, the agency has significantly bolstered its credibility among readers throughout the nation.

Over the past year, 964media published around 30,000 articles in Arabic alone, covering a wide range of news, stories, and reports from every part of Iraq, including its cities, villages, and various facets of Iraqi life. These efforts attracted over 20 million website visits and resulted in the content being viewed more than 25 million times, alongside nearly 5 million interactions on social media.

Dedicated to covering underreported areas, 964media ventured into the countryside, deserts, mountains, and marshes that had previously seen little journalistic attention. While it eschewed extensive political coverage in favor of highlighting the diverse aspects of daily life, the agency’s team of youthful professionals, trainee correspondents, and local sources remains committed to delivering on its promise of presenting a nuanced portrait of Iraq in its second year.

As it marks this milestone, 964media extends heartfelt thanks to its supporters, who have steadfastly honored their commitments without seeking to influence the agency’s editorial stance. This support has been crucial in developing a journalistic model that respects the right of all Iraqis to access comprehensive news coverage, no matter their location. The agency especially acknowledges its network of correspondents across urban and rural areas, whose contributions have been vital to its success.