President in attendance

Hatra Kingdom festival kicks off in Nineveh

NINEVEH – The “Reviving the Spirit of Hatra” festival commenced today, Thursday, with President Abdul Latif Rashid, Minister of Culture Ahmed Al-Badrani, and several prominent figures from Nineveh Governorate in attendance.

In his speech at the event, Gov. Abdul Qader Al-Dakhil emphasized that the Hatra International Festival sends a message from Nineveh to the world, demonstrating its resurgence and capacity to host international forums. This, in turn, rejuvenates Nineveh’s rich historical heritage, including its pivotal role as home to the ancient Kingdom of Hatra.

Hatra, established in what is present-day Iraq’s Nineveh Governorate, was a fortified city that flourished as a religious and trading center in the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE. Known for its strong resistance against Roman invasions, Hatra was a beacon of the Parthian Empire, showcasing a unique blend of Hellenistic and Roman architecture adorned with Eastern decorative features.

The festival’s opening ceremony showcased traditional fashion shows, folk dances, and historical costumes that tell the story of Hatra, once a bustling hub of culture and commerce, symbolizing the resilience and enduring spirit of the region.