List of forbidden acts

KRG implements safety measures on Erbil highways

ERBIL, August 22 — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has announced a ban on 12 activities on Erbil’s highways as part of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of drivers and citizens and avoiding accidents.

A statement from the government’s Department of Media and Information said:

The Erbil Traffic Directorate issues multiple guidelines for drivers and citizens to use highways safely, including:

  1. Stopping and waiting without emergency situations.
  2. Reversing in any form.
  3. Pedestrians can only cross the highway using overpasses.
  4. Selling, buying [stalls or vendors] on highways.
  5. Drivers traveling at speeds lower than 60 km/h.
  6. Construction and agricultural vehicles, such as tractors, plows, graders, and shovels, even for short distances, must be transported using special lifting equipment.
  7. Drifting, competitions, and races.
  8. Using mobile phones and social media platforms.
  9. Entering designated areas for emergency vehicles or any other emergency exits.
  10. Picking up and dropping off passengers.
  11. Running red lights.
  12. Operating scooters, bicycles, and motorcycles.