Threat to Iraqi economy

Iraqi commerce official cites air strike toll on trade, tourism

BAGHDAD — Sabih Al-Hashemi, a member of the Iraqi Federation of Chambers of Commerce, has expressed concerns over the impact of air strikes in western Iraq and eastern Syria on the country’s land tourism and trade with Syria and Jordan. These developments are seen as posing significant threats to the Iraqi economy.

In comments to the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper, Al-Hashemi highlighted the negative effects these military actions have had on commerce. “The recent strikes have led to a concerning downturn in land trade, which threatens the economic stability and the flow of trade and land tourism between Iraq, Syria, and Jordan,” he stated.

The air strikes have notably disrupted transportation, raising fears of heightened security risks that could destabilize Iraq further, especially given the potential for areas to be targeted again by American forces. “The transportation sector has been severely impacted, with the recent air strikes causing an 80 percent drop in commercial exchanges and transportation movements,” Al-Hashemi added.

Al-Hashemi urged the Baghdad government to take decisive steps to address these recurring security challenges. He emphasized the importance of securing Iraq’s borders and preventing armed factions from using Iraqi territory as a theater for regional conflicts, underscoring the need for immediate government action to safeguard the nation’s economic interests and ensure the safety of its trade routes.