Three options available for drivers

Halabja traffic directorate issues first international driving license to city resident

HALABJA, August 22 — Halabja’s Traffic Directorate issued the first international driving license to a citizen of the city on Monday, following the inauguration of a dedicated section for international driving permits.

Local resident, Barhan Gharib, obtained the first international driving license at exactly 10 a.m. on Monday, two hours after the opening of the specialized section at the Halabja Traffic Directorate.

Major Fuad Ahmed, an employee at the licensing section, stated: “Residents of Halabja can visit us to obtain international driving permits, available in three different packages.”

“The cost of an international driving license, valid for one year, is 60,000 Iraqi dinars, for two years it is 120,000 Iraqi dinars, and for three years it is 160,000 Iraqi dinars,” Ahmed added. “Individuals interested in obtaining an international driving license need to bring their domestic driving license, passport, and two passport-sized photos.”