Recent rain boosts hunt

Truffles from Kurdistan mountains compete in Iraqi markets

KIRKUK — The markets of Kirkuk are witnessing the arrival of spring truffles from the Kurdistan mountains, providing stiff competition to the desert varieties from western and southern Iraq.

The black truffles, abundant on the slopes and plains of Altun Kupri in Kirkuk, are distinguished by their quality and lower prices compared to those from the deserts of Samawa, Basra, and Anbar.

Ahmed Sanbar, a truffle vendor, spoke with 964media about the popularity of these northern truffles, locally referred to as ‘Al-Kama’. “Truffles, or ‘Al-Kama’ as they’re known, are wild plants that surface with the spring in both desert and mountainous areas.

“The plains of Altun Kupri are prolific, yielding truffles that are exceptional in quality and taste,” said Sanbar.

He highlighted the affordability of northern truffles, with a kilogram priced at 30,000 Iraqi Dinars ($20), attracting many buyers.

Recent rains have encouraged hunters to collect truffles from mountainous terrains and wilderness, with the first batch from Altun Kupri highlands already available in the market. The black variety, in particular, is preferred for its flavor, driving a higher demand among consumers.Truffles are fungi that grow underground in symbiosis with tree roots, sharing nutrients in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Their aroma and flavor are highly prized in culinary arts, adding a unique, earthy depth to dishes. Characterized by their elusive nature and the challenging process of foraging, often with trained animals, truffles are considered a delicacy.

Local truffles dominate Sulaymaniyah market

Local truffles dominate Sulaymaniyah market