Yazidi celebration

Sinjar residents celebrate holy night of Barat

SINJAR — In western Nineveh, the Yazidi community of Sinjar celebrated Barat, a deeply sacred night that aligns with the full moon in the middle of Sha’ban. This occasion is a time for the Yazidis to gather in prayer for goodwill and peace, embodying reconciliation and brotherhood. It is often compared to Laylat al-Qadr for Muslims, emphasizing its spiritual significance.

Qasim Samir, leader of the Khalidi tribe, spoke to 964media about the religious and traditional importance of Barat to the Yazidis, noting how it reinforces the community’s commitment to their customs and strengthens their social and cultural connections. “Celebrating this festival is a testament to the Yazidis’ dedication to preserving their traditions and enhancing community ties,” said Samir.

The celebration entails forming a ball from soil mixed with water from the White Spring and earth from the Barat cave at the Lalish temple, the most sacred site for Yazidis. This night is seen as one of their most hallowed, believed to be the time when God met with the angels to create the universe, marking a moment of significant divine engagement and creation for the community.

Barat night celebrations illuminate Kurdish neighborhoods

Barat night celebrations illuminate Kurdish neighborhoods