25% spike in just a week

Chicken prices rise in Duhok as farms face losses from diseases

DUHOK, August 21 — Poultry farmers in Duhok have raised chicken prices this week to compensate for losses caused by diseases affecting poultry farms, prompting objections from customers. The Department of Animal Resources, however, maintains that the prices remain “reasonable.”

The price per kilogram of chicken was under 2,000 Iraqi dinars the previous week, but has now risen to over 2,500 dinars.

Kilwan Nazarki, an area vendor, told 964: “I sell one kilogram of chicken for around 2,500 to 2,750 dinars. Prices were cheaper a week ago, which has upset some customers. Some shops sell one kilogram after cleaning the chicken for 3,000 dinars.”

Reder Sadiq, Director of Animal Resources in Duhok, told 964:”Chicken prices in Dohuk were generally stable, but poultry farmers incurred losses. I find the prices reasonable now for both farmers and customers.”

Arshad Siary, a member of the Karya Poultry Projects Association said: “In the past, the cost of raising chickens was more than the sale price. Now, the price is suitable for both farmers and customers. I don’t understand why there’s complaints about the new price.”