Mysterious flames spotted in sky

Maysan puzzled by hours-long lightshow

Maysan — The residents of Al-Kahla, located south of Amara, observed three flame-like objects in the sky on Friday night. The spectacle, lasting approximately three hours, marked the first instance of such an event in the area, drawing widespread interest from the community.

Salam Al-Iraqi, an eyewitness, recounted his experience to 964media, “It was a first for me; I’ve never witnessed anything like it. I managed to capture photos in an attempt to decipher what we were seeing.”

The mysterious objects remained fixed in the sky to the south of the city, briefly disappearing for five minutes only to reappear again.

Arebi Hameed, another local, shared his initial skepticism with 964media, “At first glance, I doubted they were actual objects, aircraft, or merely reflections from oil streams. However, after an hour, it became clear to me that we were observing something unidentifiable. They emerged out of nowhere and dissolved after three hours, seen by all.”

Hani Kareem provided a vivid description, “One of the flames resembled a fiery portal, flanked by two other separate flames to its right and left. They stayed in place for three straight hours before vanishing abruptly without any trace of movement.”

The enduring presence of the flame-like objects over Mysan has narrowed down potential explanations. An atmospheric phenomenon, a reflection from a stationary man-made light source, are among the plausible causes.