400 students headed abroad

First group of Iraqi scholarship students ready to depart for global universities

BAGHDAD — Prime Minister Mohammed Shiaa’ Al-Sudani bid farewell on Thursday to 400 Iraqi men and women heading abroad for studies under a government scholarship program launched last May. The program aims to send 5,000 students to prestigious universities worldwide.

In a ceremony, Al-Sudani addressed the departing students and praised their step towards bolstering scientific expertise in Iraq. He commended the collaborative efforts of various bodies, including the Ministry of Higher Education, in selecting and preparing the students for global universities.

The Prime Minister emphasized key features of the program in his remarks, including merit-based selection with transparent procedures, ensuring equal opportunity for students across the country, and alignment with national development needs by focusing on specified fields and skills.

“This initiative aligns with our National Strategy for Education, aiming to enhance quality across institutions,” Al-Sudani stated. “The goal is not just increased degrees, but acquiring specific knowledge and skills crucial for national development and keeping pace with global advancements.”

He acknowledged past challenges that limited study abroad opportunities for Iraqi students, reiterating the government’s commitment to education as a cornerstone of development.

The Prime Minister offered specific advice to the scholarship recipients, highlighting their role as ambassadors of Iraq and urging them to diligently pursue their studies and research. He assured them of continued support throughout their studies, emphasizing the importance of choosing research topics relevant to Iraq’s development needs.

“Your return to serve Iraq embodies true belonging and social responsibility,” Al-Sudani concluded. “We want to avoid past mistakes where some students didn’t return, ensuring this program benefits and empowers both individuals and our nation.”