Water security enhanced

Recent rains replenish dams and ponds in Qaradagh

QARADAGH — Local authorities in Qaradagh have reported a positive outcome from recent rainfall, as all dams and man-made ponds in the district are now fully replenished without any damage to their structures. The Astil and Aliawa dams, key projects initiated by the regional government, along with several water ponds constructed by residents, have significantly benefited from the precipitation.

Raouf Sheikh Kamal, the commissioner of Qaradagh, confirmed that the rainfall not only filled the water reserves to capacity but also left the district’s infrastructure unscathed. “All dams and water ponds in our district have been fully replenished,” Kamal told 964 media, highlighting the absence of harm or damage.

This year’s rainfall in Sulaymaniyah province, which encompasses Qaradagh, has reached a record high of 775 millimeters. Despite concerns about the Tafan water project, which supplies clean water to the entire district, Kamal assured there were no major threats to its operation. He did note a minor erosion risk from overflowing water, which has been addressed with support from Sulaymaniyah’s water and sewerage services. To prevent future erosion, a new two-meter high wall is planned for the Tafan project.

Additionally, there are plans to develop a water project from a natural spring in one of the villages, enhancing Qaradagh’s water security. These measures aim to keep the district safe from flooding risks and secure the stability of its water projects during the rainy season.