'Accidental discharge'

Young man killed by brother during Wasit brawl with another local

WASIT — In a incident in the southern Wasit governorate, a young man was shot and killed by his brother during a brawl on Friday, officials confirmed. The incident occurred in the Mufaqiyah district, dispelling rumors of a tribal dispute as the cause of the fatality.

The victim, identified as Abbas Al-Badri, born in 2003 and a resident of Anid Al-Badri village on the outskirts of the Mufaqiyah district, suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the head when a bullet from his brother’s rifle discharged accidentally during an altercation with another man.

According to Muayyad Al-Badri, a relative of the deceased, the incident unfolded after the brothers engaged in a confrontation with another young man from their village. In an attempt to intervene and prevent his brother from using the firearm, Abbas was struck by the unintentionally discharged bullet, resulting in his immediate death.

The Wasit Police Command issued a statement clarifying the circumstances surrounding the incident: “The Wasit Police Command wishes to inform the Wasit community that contrary to some social media claims, the death did not stem from a tribal conflict in the Al-Hai district. It was an unfortunate outcome of a personal dispute between siblings that led to the accidental shooting and death of one brother.”