Residents demand change

Eastern Baghdad community demands basic services after decades of neglect

BAGHDAD — Residents of Al-Woldaiah, a residential area on Baghdad’s eastern outskirts, are calling for urgent action from authorities to address years of neglect and lack of basic infrastructure.

Established two decades ago, the community still relies on wooden electricity poles, unpaved roads, and an inadequate sewage and water system. Frustrated residents say they have been waiting for improvements for years and now lack essential services like paved streets, drinkable water, and a reliable electrical grid.

“We bought these lands 20 years ago, and since then, there has been no improvement in services,” resident Hashim Ali told 964media. “The electricity poles are just wooden sticks with wires stretched from nearby areas. We’re asking the authorities to open both main and side streets; some are blocked by residents, while others are in desperate need of paving.”

Local council head Ibrahim Al-Moussawi echoed the concerns, highlighting unfulfilled promises from the municipality despite repeated requests. He described dire conditions faced by residents including impassable roads in the winter and severe water shortages in the summer.

Adding to the community’s woes, the French Bridge connecting Al-Nahrawan to East Baghdad is on the verge of collapse, and the area’s sole playground features dilapidated and unsafe equipment.

Residents of Al-Woldaiah urge officials to take immediate steps to address the long-standing infrastructural neglect, improve their living conditions, and ensure access to basic services.