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Iraq’s local election process criticized for ‘legal violations’

NEWSROOM – In an interview with journalist Ahmed Mulla Talal on UTV, political analyst Yahya Al-Kubaisi vehemently criticized the process of electing governors in Iraq’s recent provincial council sessions, denouncing them as illegitimate and in direct violation of the country’s provincial law. Al-Kubaisi highlighted multiple areas of concern, including the lack of adherence to accountability measures, justice, and the verification of candidates’ academic credentials.

Al-Kubaisi alleges “the illegality of electing governors in all sessions of provincial councils without exception,” underscoring the systemic failure to comply with legal stipulations for election procedures.

He emphasized the critical issue of not verifying candidates’ qualifications, such as holding a bachelor’s degree and the necessary scrutiny by the Ministry of Education, the Integrity Commission, and the Accountability and Justice Commission.

Al-Kubaisi argued, “The superficiality of the matter and electing governors in this manner without ensuring these conditions are met is a clear violation of the law.”

He further criticized the electoral process’s secrecy, questioning the legitimacy of conducting nominations in closed sessions which, according to him, “is a violation of the constitutional provisions related to the political rights of citizens.”

Al-Kubaisi pointed out the transient nature of political affiliations in the country, likening the party system to “shops” where individuals join to further their immediate interests, often at the expense of moral obligations. He concluded that the crisis in electing governors reflects deeper systemic issues within Iraq’s political framework, stating, “Therefore, the problem is related to the entire political system crisis, not just these alliances.”

Councils elect new governors on first day of new session

Councils elect new governors on first day of new session