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Al-Wissam volunteers host bazaar to support female entrepreneurs

BAGHDAD — The Al-Wissam Volunteer Team held a marketing fair in Al-Rawabi Park’s gardens in the Yarmouk neighborhood, west of Baghdad, to bolster female entrepreneurs with small-scale projects and handicrafts by showcasing their wares.

Featuring nearly 50 activists from various parts of Baghdad, primarily women, the fair displayed a wide array of products including candles, glass artwork, accessories, macramé, home goods, and apparel.

The event aimed to enhance the skills of talented women, promote their products, and help them secure job opportunities. Moreover, the fair featured a drawing contest for children from the Yarmouk area, along with various activities aimed at showcasing young talents and fostering their development.

Wissam Abdul Sattar, the fair’s organizer, told 964media, “This is the 38th arts and crafts festival held in Baghdad. Our gathering today in Yarmouk’s Al-Rawabi Park, collaborating with 50 activists, brought forth a spectrum of creations including candles, glass art, accessories, and macramé. I had aspired to be appointed as an arts supervisor by the Ministry of Education during my tenure as a teacher, to impart creativity to children. Today’s festival featured a children’s drawing event among other activities to nurture a child’s personality and combat timidity.”

Sumaya Walid, a participant in the fair, shared with 964media, “My craft involves stones and candles. I purchase stones in their ‘raw’ form and shape them into molds, similar to how I work with candles. I procure stone powder, either Turkish or Chinese, and raw soy or palm wax, along with dyes and scents. I craft them to withstand high temperatures, yet they remain fragile.”

Fawz Hamdan, another participant, told 964media, “The fair’s concept originated from the variety of our materials and crafts, ranging from souvenirs and mirrors to glass art, woodwork, and pottery. The inspiration for today comes from Ramadan, incorporating Egyptian fabrics with our signature Iraqi khaki. We sculpt, sew, and also create Baghdadi pieces, like the table lamp utilizing jute, making each piece distinctively imaginative.”

Al-Sudani affirms new approach to support private sector

Al-Sudani affirms new approach to support private sector