One of eight slated projects

New surgical ward for Halabja Maternity Hospital

HALABJA — The Halabja Maternity Hospital has inaugurated a new surgical ward, opening today. This addition makes it the third facility of its kind in the Halabja region and introduces advanced medical equipment to local hospitals for the first time.

Dr. Azad Mustafa, the health director of Halabja, told 964 media that the ward’s opening is a significant milestone for the area’s healthcare services. He explained, “The funding for the new ward comes from Halabja’s health revenues. However, we have yet to pay the equipment supplier due to budget constraints.”

The ward is equipped with a Laminar Flow air system, which ensures a constant supply of clean air and maintains a sterile environment, critical for high-standard surgical procedures.

This year, Halabja plans to launch eight health initiatives, including this surgical ward. Dr. Mustafa highlighted the significance of these projects, promising their swift realization.

The initiatives include two philanthropy-funded projects, two others by the German development organization, GIZ, and the remaining endeavors, totaling over two billion Iraqi dinars, are backed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

The expansion of the Halabja Maternity Hospital is expected to significantly enhance healthcare services for the community.