Phased transfer of over 500 dogs

Stray Koya dogs to be sent to Erbil shelter

KOYA – The Municipality of Koya has begun the process of sending stray dogs in the area to a specialized shelter in Erbil, according to the town’s mayor. The initiative addresses the increasing concerns about safety and health risks associated with the presence of stray animals.

Mohamed Mirhaj, the Mayor of Koya, informed 964media that 50 dogs have already been transferred to the shelter in Erbil. “There are still more than 500 stray dogs remaining, which will be sent to Erbil in phases,” he added.

During the second day of the dog collection campaign, an incident occurred where a municipal worker named Heyman Zaher was attacked by a dog while on duty.

The Municipality stated in a press release that while collecting stray dogs is not their primary responsibility, the action was taken in response to citizens’ requests and the growing number of dangers presented by the strays.

As per the Municipality’s release, based on reports from the Koya Directorate of Health Protection, several cases of attacks by stray dogs on humans have been documented.

In related news, the Municipality also highlighted that stray dogs captured in Sharazor, Sulaymaniyah, are being treated. This move is part of broader efforts to manage the stray animal population while ensuring public safety and health.

The booming stray dog population in Kurdistan’s towns and cities is becoming and increasing public concern. Erbil has lined up plans to release spayed dogs back into cities as a form of population control but this has yet to be implemented.

A program for killing stray dogs with poisoned food in Tuz Khurmatu has seen hundreds of killed, sparking significant controversy.