Sites, hotels, and restaurants to be included

Kurdistan tourism board to launch mobile app to help visitors

ERBIL, August 17 — The Kurdistan region’s tourism authority has initiated the development of a smartphone application that pinpoints the geographical locations of tourist attractions, and offers a digital service for nearby hotel and restaurant bookings.

Ibrahim Abdulmajid, spokesperson for tourism board, told 964: “As a first step, the application will be available in Kurdish, Arabic, and English. Tourists can directly download the app from airports and ports of entry to the Kurdistan region, eliminating the need to inquire or search for details about tourist locations.”

“The application encompasses all tourist attraction areas with their geographical coordinates and provides information about distance and directions to reach them. Additionally, the app can be utilized to make hotel and restaurant reservations,” he said. “Furthermore, the app will provide information about the history, geography, and culture of the Kurdistan region.”