Licensing underway

5G technology coming to mobile phones in Iraq

BAGHDAD – Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani and Communications Minister Hiam Al-Yasiri convened on Saturday to lay out plans for the next national mobile phone license, which includes the adoption of fifth-generation (5G) mobile network technology.

The Prime Minister’s office reported that Al-Sudani and Al-Yasiri discussed the progress made by the Ministry of Communications and the Iraqi Communications and Media Commission, focusing on negotiations with international companies and establishing standards for high-quality, affordable services.

The Council of Ministers authorized the Communications and Media Commission to issue an “exclusive” national mobile phone license. This license, highlighting the shift to 5G technology, will have a three-year term, in line with government program guidelines.

Many countries where mobile network frequencies are distributed among several companies through competitive spectrum auctions where multiple telecom providers compete in the market.

Incorporating 5G marks a significant advancement in mobile technology. This transition positions Iraq among the pioneering countries to adopt this cutting-edge technology, with 54 countries now having introduced 5G, including Iraq.

In Oct. 2023, the cabinet agreed that the Communications and Media Commission (CMC) will grant an exclusive three-year national license for 5G mobile technology to the Al-Salam State Company, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Communications.

Al-Sudani meets with communications minister and media authority CEO

Al-Sudani meets with communications minister and media authority CEO