Sole treatment center struggles with patient load

Thalassemia patients in Babil complain of overcrowding at local clinic

BABIL, August 16 — Thalassemia patients’ families in Babil governorate are voicing concerns about the overwhelming number of visitors to the sole designated treatment center in the area.

The Babil Health Directorate affirmed that officials have plans to build an additional center to ease overcrowding at the treatment facility.

Salam Al-Janabi, the parent of a thalassemia patient, told 964: “We have to wait for over three hours to secure a spot for my daughter’s blood transfusion. Moreover, the center lacks seating, forcing us to stand.”

“The center’s is incredibly small in comparison to the number of visitors, often leading patients to share beds at the same time.”

Dr. Abbas Al-Jubouri, the head of the Nursing Syndicate in Babil, stated: “The number of thalassemia patients in Babil exceeds 1,300, all treated at a single center. Regular lab tests, iron chelation therapies, and specialized blood transfusions based on the severity of the condition are provided there.”

“Around 70% of patients are spread across various towns and districts, some residing in remote areas with limited medical information on the disease, resulting in missed vaccinations and medical care,” he said. “The Ministry of Health must establish dedicated centers for thalassemia patients in both the northern and southern regions of the province, following awareness campaigns about the issue.”

Haider Al-Birmani, Director of Health in Babil, commented: “We have included a project for 2023 to build a genetic blood disorder treatment center in northern Babil, along with establishing a center in Al-Hashimiyah Hospital in southern Hillah to alleviate the congestion experienced at the Babil center.”

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