Imam Kadhim martyrdom

Basra acting governor demands legal action for ‘violation’ of mourning period

BASRA — The Acting Governor of Basra, Mohammed Al-Tamimi, has demanded legal action against Salman Raheej, the manager of “Happy Land” city, and folk singer Haider Al-Rikabi, for organizing a dance party with loud music aboard a boat on the Shatt al-Arab river during the commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Kadhim.

Imam Musa ibn Jaafar Al-Kadhim  is a revered figure in Islam, particularly among Shia Muslims. He was the seventh Imam, born in Medina in 745 AD. His death is mourned annually, marking a period of deep reflection and solemnity for millions of followers worldwide.

Letter translation:

To: Security and Information Office in the Governorate

Subject: Misconduct and Violation of Religious Rites

Given the inappropriate conduct of “Happy Land” city’s owner, Mr. Salman Madkur Raheej, in hosting a dance party with loud music from loudspeakers on a boat on the Shatt al-Arab, by Mr. Haider al-Rikabi, on the night commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Musa ibn Jaafar Al-Kadhim (AS), and their disregard for the religious rites of a broad segment of society under the guise of personal freedom or secularism advocacy, ignoring that such freedom is bound by time and place without encroaching on others’ freedom and sentiments, as this act disrupts the social harmony of the Basra community.

Immediate legal action is required against the owner of the aforementioned city, as well as the boat’s owner and Mr. Haider al-Rikabi, in coordination with the Iraqi judiciary. Should such actions recur, stringent measures will be enforced in line with judicial rulings.

Mohammed Taher Al-Tamimi
Acting Governor of Basra

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