Basra political standoff

Tamim tribe sheikh supports Asaad Al-Eidani for governor

BASRA, February 4 — Influential Basra politician and Sheikh of the Tamim tribes, Muzahim al-Tamimi, confirmed today, Sunday, that the Provincial Council will hold its first session tomorrow, Monday, regardless of the attendance of members from the Coordination Framework. Al-Tamimi emphasized that “the will of the people of Basra will prevail”.

In an interview with a local radio, al-Tamimi said:

The Provincial Council’s session tomorrow is mandated by law, and a chairman and a deputy will be elected in this session whether members of the Coordination Framework attend or not.

The session will proceed tomorrow, God willing, and will be legal, fulfilling the conditions for holding a session, except for the conditions set by some parties of the Framework.

Asaad Al-Eidani will be the governor despite opposition for selfish reasons unrelated to the rights of the nation and its citizens. This is the will of the citizens of Basra, and we will never allow it to be usurped this time or in the future.

What the people of Basra say will be binding for everyone.

The general populace of Basra supports Asaad Al-Eidani as governor, rejecting attempts at arm-twisting practiced by some political forces despite their failure to gain the trust of the citizens.