Road condition worsens

Bayaa residents call for removal of speed bumps

BAGHDAD – Residents of Bayaa and the adjacent Bayaa-Saydiya expressway, which connects Al-Turath Street with Hay Al-Salam Street, are advocating for the removal of speed bumps that were installed years ago in front of the Bayaa garage. Initially, these measures were put in place to decelerate traffic across the busy crossing from the garage to the opposite side and back. However, locals now contend that these measures are superfluous due to the street’s degradation and the garage’s diminished use.

Both local residents and drivers are voicing their dissatisfaction with the speed bumps, labeling them as impediments to the flow of traffic and a source of vehicle damage. The current state of the street, plagued by potholes and cracks, already acts as a natural speed deterrent, rendering the bumps unnecessary.

Salwan Adnan, a resident of Bayaa, shared with 964media, “I reside in the apartments opposite the garage, and although the speed bump once had a rationale for both residents and pedestrians, it’s redundant now. The street has aged significantly and urgently needs resurfacing. The deplorable condition of the road compels drivers to slow down, hence the speed bump, regardless of direction, merely exacerbates the difficulties for drivers.”

A representative from the local municipal center has acknowledged receiving numerous complaints regarding the speed bumps, recognizing the challenges they pose. The municipality is informed about the urgent need to reevaluate the speed bumps and is contemplating their removal. A comprehensive plan for the street’s renovation is anticipated, focusing not only on the elimination of speed bumps but also on enhancing overall traffic flow and road safety.

Studies have shown that, despite annoyance of drivers, speed bumps are effective in reducing accidents and fatalities. According to the the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, speed bumps can reduce vehicle speeds by 10-15%, significantly lowering the risk of accidents and enhancing pedestrian safety.