Inmate rehabilitation programs

Iraq’s ministry of justice launches internet-connected prison classes

BAGHDAD – The Ministry of Justice announced Thursday the opening of classroom halls within Iraqi prisons, equipped with screens for internet-based tutoring sessions.

In a statement to 964media, the ministry revealed that, following recommendations from a special committee led by the Minister of Justice, Dr. Khalid Shwani, to enhance prison education, classroom halls have been established. These halls are equipped with screens to broadcast tutoring lessons through educational TV programs or via the internet.

Dr. Burhan Al-Qaisi, chair of the committee overseeing education for inmates and detainees at all levels, expressed that the initiative aims to provide easier access to educational materials online, thus improving learning opportunities for those pursuing studies while incarcerated.

Al-Qaisi further noted that the program is under the guidance of educational staff who are tasked with delivering the necessary lessons tailored to the educational level and needs of both male and female inmates.