Sunscreen use on the rise

Sales of heat and sun protection surge in Nasiriyah

NASIRIYAH, August 14 — In an eye-catching trend, sales of heat and sun protection-related products have surged in Nasiriyah, where the temperature index has not dropped for weeks. Experts state that the public’s preference for moisturizing products is a “sign of awareness.”

Sunscreen shields against skin burns and premature aging, significantly reducing the risk of skin cancer, as stated by manufacturing companies.

Despite the increased demand for these products, prices have remained stable and unchanged. French products have dominated sales in Habubi Street due to their high quality.

Akram Hassan, a local vendor, told 964: “Sales have increased by 40% due to rising temperatures, and prices range from 5,000 to 25,000 Iraqi dinars.”

“The French variety, known for its quality, is the bestseller, priced at 15,000 dinars.”

Pharmacist Salah Ghiyadh said: “The substantial demand is a testament to the community’s awareness of the necessity to use sun protection amid the heatwave. Sunscreen preserves the skin from ultraviolet rays that harm the skin and leave a noticeable effect.”

“We also recommend increasing fluid intake to avoid dehydration of the body and skin.”

Local resident Hiba Majid shared: “In the past, sunscreen usage was lower due to moderate temperatures. However, these days, its daily use has become necessary before heading to work, shopping, or even during nighttime visits to friends, to guard against the impact of hot air.”

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