Families stock up for next season

Baqubah shoppers see major discounts on children’s winter clothing

BAQUBAH, January 31 — Shoppers in the main Baqubah market are seeing significant markdowns on children’s winter clothing, attracting crowds of families to the city’s largest shopping centers. The substantial discounts have encouraged some customers to stock up on jackets and sweaters for the next season.

Shop owner Ahmed Al-Obaidi told 964media that sellers have dropped prices in response to economic troubles faced by shoppers this season.

“We’ve resorted to reducing prices by varying percentages, up to 50%. Some children’s clothing items, initially priced at 10,000 and 8,000 dinars, have been reduced to 5,000 and less. Families can now fully outfit a child for 30,000 to 40,000 dinars,” he said.

Shoppers have different options with clothes imported from China, India, Iran, and Turkey.

“Turkish-made clothing, which is of higher quality, costs double or more than Chinese-made products,” said shopper Saja Bassam.

Bassam continued, “While financially stable families opt for Turkish brands, those with limited budgets often choose Chinese ones, especially since children, who are constantly growing, need lots of clothes.”

Many families, including Bassam’s, are taking advantage of deep discounts, buying larger sizes for next winter in addition to this season’s needs. She noted the most sought-after brands for her children include Chicco and Melissa.