Infrastructure projects a priority

Sulaymaniyah to sell off land to finance public projects

SULAYMANIYAH, August 14 — Sulaymaniyah’s Municipality announced it would sell a large plot of prime land to finance various infrastructure projects within the city.

The decision to sell the land, spanning 7,000 square meters and situated in the Dabashan area, was approved by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Council of Ministers and Ministry of Municipalities. Proceeds from the sale will subsequently be used for the execution of essential service-oriented initiatives.

Zardasht Rafiq, Municipality spokesperson, shared insight into the rationale behind the decision. He explained, “In the aftermath of the financial crisis, the Ministry of Municipalities and the Council of Ministers directed municipalities to sell exceptional land parcels as a means to fund and finalize ongoing projects.”

Sulaymaniyah Municipality has sold land to pay for expensive public works projects in the past, including for the development of the city’s 100-meter Street.