Rising temperature in particular

Workshop addresses climate change impact on women’s lives

BASRAH, August 13 – To tackle the negative effects of climate change, particularly the rising temperatures, on women’s lives, the High Commissioner for Human Rights organized an educational workshop. The workshop focused on the risks of climate change, strategies for adaptation, and methods for mitigating its impacts.

Lina Al-Obaidi – Participant, for Network 964:
“There must be genuine awareness about climate change, and we should contribute all the information we can to address this phenomenon.”

“One crucial step to counter the risks of rising temperatures is afforestation and proper waste disposal to reduce pollution.”

Inas Al-Khaldi – Women’s Empowerment Officer in Basra:
“Everyone is affected by climate change, and higher temperatures pose significant challenges for women.”

“Women in rural areas are more vulnerable to the risks of rising temperatures, such as heatstroke, skin diseases, and increased exposure to water salinity and dust due to drought.”