The Diljin Organization

A blood donation campaign supports thalassemia patients in Akre

BARDARASH, Iraq, Jan. 27 — The Diljin Organization conducted its first blood donation campaign of the year in the Daratu sub-district of Bardarash, aimed at supporting thalassemia patients in the Akre district.

Hiwa Mohammed Amin, president of Diljin, told 964media, “Gulan Hospital in Akre currently has 14 thalassemia patients requiring daily blood transfusions, and there are 245 patients registered in the area.”

Founded two years ago, the organization has been actively donating blood to hospitals in Bardarash and Akre. Their contributions benefit not only thalassemia patients but also other hospital departments, including emergency and maternity units.

In 2023, Diljin collected over 2,000 units of blood for the blood banks in Akre and Bardarash.