Diverse styles

Iraqi fine art exhibition gathers 60 artists

BAGHDAD, January 27 — The Iraqi Fine Artists Association held its annual art exhibition on Saturday, showcasing works from 60 local and expatriate Iraqi artists, with a focus on large-scale pieces.

Sabah Hamad, director of the Iraqi Plastic Artists Association, told 964media that the exhibition brought together 60 artists, including expatriates who submitted works from abroad. “This event is a key annual gathering for the association and stands as Iraq’s most notable specialized art exhibition. The diverse styles and perspectives of each artist were clearly evident,” he said.

Bassam Ziaa, a visual artist, highlighted the lack of financial support for artists. His artwork, portraying an Assyrian king, challenges Hollywood’s portrayal of Mesopotamian civilization.

Jabr Alwan, an expatriate attending the exhibition for the first time, praised its quality and stressed the importance of recognizing Iraqi artists on a regional level.

Sattar Luqman, another participant, explored the complexities of human relationships in his work, blending realism and expressive techniques. His painting, depicting a figure holding a violin with a sorrowful expression, delves into the discord and interaction between genders.