For passengers' comfort

Volunteers in Nasiriyah continue campaign to revitalize bus stops

AL-NASIRIYAH, August 13 – For the third consecutive day, 20 volunteers from Nasiriyah are continuing their campaign to revamp four bus stop stations, aiming to shield passengers from the scorching summer sun.

Mohammed Saleh – Campaign Participant, for Network 964:
“Bus stop stations have been deteriorating for years, so we aimed to rehabilitate as many of them as possible.”

“Work is ongoing to rehabilitate four stations, with the goal of completing them by midweek. The first is located on the highway near Al-Fadda neighborhood, the second near Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital, the third close to Al-Shamiah Park, and the fourth near Nasiriyah Municipality’s courtyard.”

“We chose to rehabilitate the stations because passengers often wait for a long time under the sun’s rays, and employees typically leave their offices after 1:00 PM, which is during peak hours.”

“The campaign is supported by the “Recovery” program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development.”

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