Initiative by UNESCO

Basra film screenings seek to revive city’s cultural scene

BASRA, January 27 — Filmmakers in Basra teamed up with the local Writers and Authors Union to present a film festival last Friday, featuring works from the region’s emerging directors. The event was part of the “Reviving the Heritage of Mosul and Basra” initiative by UNESCO.

Featured films included Hassan Sabri’s “Al-Satha,” Hussein Al-Asadi’s “You Were Not Alone,” and Shahad Ahmed’s “Dump of Wishes.”

Shahad Ahmed shared her experience with 964media: “Having participated in various local and international festivals, both in Iraq and abroad, and winning several awards, this is my second film.

“Events like these are vital for supporting Fine Arts students and nurturing their filmmaking aspirations. Creativity knows no age limits.”

Hussein Al-Asadi emphasized the significance of rejuvenating Basra’s artistic landscape. “Al-Basra, with its rich history and renowned artists and writers, has seen a decline in its art scene recently. This event, showcasing three films, is a step towards reviving the city’s artistic spirit and bridging cultural gaps.

His film, “You Were Not Alone” was released as a short in 2009. A feature-length version is set to premier in 2024.