Grand Al-Faw Port

Al-Sudani approves first-of-its-kind gas platform

BAGHDAD, January 24 – Iraq is taking a major step in enhancing its energy infrastructure with the planned establishment of a fixed platform for gas imports at Al-Faw Grand Port. The project, approved by Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ Al-Sudani, is part of a broader effort to revitalize the country’s oil and gas sector.

During a meeting on Wednesday, Al-Sudani discussed the procedures for implementing and operating the platform, which is expected to play a crucial role in ensuring a continuous gas supply, particularly for power plants across the nation.

The initiative will see the construction of a permanent structure at the Grand Al-Faw Port, which is nearing completion. Its operational berths are anticipated to significantly aid in the importation and processing of gas. To ensure the project’s success, the government plans to engage an international consultancy to manage both its technical and commercial aspects. The process also includes soliciting bids for the construction of the platform, complete with necessary infrastructure and integration into Iraq’s national pipeline network.

The Grand Al-Faw Port is an ambitious infrastructure project off the Persian Gulf that will be one of the largest ports in the world when complete. It is part of Iraq’s Development Road initiative that seeks to connect the south of Iraq to Turkey and European economies via land, sea, and rail.

In the context of Iraq’s energy sector, this development is noteworthy. The country has historically been reliant on gas imports for electricity generation, with a significant portion coming from Iran.

In recent years, Iraq has taken steps to reduce this dependence through gas licensing rounds. These efforts are aimed at tapping into domestic gas reserves, gradually shifting from imported to locally sourced gas. The licensing rounds represent a strategic move to bolster Iraq’s energy independence and security.


Prime Minister Mohammed S. Al-Sudani has approved the recommendations of the specialized committee, paving the way for the establishment of a groundbreaking fixed platform for imported gas at Al-Faw Grand Port. This marks a significant milestone in the national oil and gas sector and its associated infrastructure.

His Excellency chaired a meeting this Wednesday morning dedicated to overseeing the procedures for implementing and operating the approved fixed platform for importing gas. The initiative, sanctioned by the Council of Ministers, aims to secure a continuous gas supply from various sources to address shortages in power plants.

His Excellency emphasized that the commencement of this crucial project owes its feasibility to the significant strides achieved in the completion of the Grand Al-Faw Port project, with its berths set to be operational soon. This aligns with the government’s commitment to addressing gas supply challenges, resolving issues related to imported gas, and transitioning fully to relying on domestically produced gas from national fields.

The endorsed recommendations, presented by the committee, involve engaging a reputable international consultancy to oversee both the technical and commercial aspects. Additionally, directives have been issued to solicit bids for establishing a fixed platform for gas import at Al-Faw Grand Port, complete with the necessary infrastructure and integration into the national pipeline network.

Media Office of the Prime Minister
January 24, 2024