End date in sight

Basra’s Andalus Gardens project nears 80 percent completion

BASRA, January 19 — The Andalus Gardens project in Basra’s central Al-Junaina district is 80 percent complete. Spearheaded by Al-Hatem Engineering Company, the project has cost an estimated 2.27 billion Iraqi dinars.

Providing insights into the project’s progress, Site Engineer Muhammad Alwan told 964media, “Our company is currently working to complete the Andalus Gardens Project, also known as the ‘Green Strip.’ Spanning 750 meters in length and 32 meters in width, it extends from Falaka El Bahariya to Al-Junaina Market.”

Commencing in February 2022, the project faced a temporary suspension due to entanglement with the electricity and water networks. However, work resumed in October 2023, and Alwan anticipates the project will finish in March this year.