Receiving the US ambassador

Barzani praises Sudani’s role, IRGC attacks will not break our will

SALAH AL-DIN, January 17 – Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, hosted Alina Romanowski, the US Ambassador to Iraq at the Barzani Headquarters in Salah al-Din. The discussion primarily focused on expressing US solidarity and support for the people of Kurdistan amidst the unprovoked Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s bombardments in the Kurdish region.

During the meeting, Ambassador Romanowski condemned the Iranian attacks as violations of Iraqi sovereignty, stating they are unjustifiable and predominantly harm civilians. The bombardments, she noted, targeted residential areas, reflecting a blatant disregard for civilian safety.

Barzani thanked the US for its empathy and support, emphasizing Kurdistan and Iraq’s desire for strong, friendly relations with neighboring countries based on mutual respect for sovereignty and agreements.

He strongly criticized the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s actions as baseless and a grave injustice to all the people of Kurdistan, yet asserted that such attacks would not break the will of the Kurdish people, but rather strengthen it.

Barzani also expressed Kurdistan’s stance against violence, instability, and unilateral decision-making, emphasizing the region’s commitment to maintaining its core values and legitimate rights under any pressure or attack.

The meeting also covered the steps taken by the Iraqi Federal Government and the arrival of a fact-finding committee to investigate the Iranian attacks in Erbil, with Barzani praising Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia’ al-Sudani’s efforts in seeking truth and fulfilling constitutional obligations towards the injustice faced by the people of Kurdistan.

The meeting concluded with an exchange of views on the current political and security situation in Iraq and the broader region, including recent developments.