Prays for the victims

Pope Francis condemns Iran’s attack on Erbil, calls for restraint

January 17 — Vatican News website reported today that Pope Francis condemned the attack on Erbil and called for prayers for the souls of the victims in the Iranian attack on Erbil, stating that good relations between neighbors are not built through such actions but rather through dialogue and cooperation.

The Pope spoke during his weekly General Audience at the Vatican. Excerpts from his speech included:

“I express my sympathy and solidarity with the victims, all civilians, of the rocket attack that hit an urban area of Erbil, capital of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan.”

“Good relations between neighbors are not built with such actions, but with dialogue and cooperation. I ask everyone to avoid any step that increases tension in the Middle East and other warzones.”

“Let us not forget the countries that are at war, let us not forget Ukraine; let us not forget Palestine and Israel; let us not forget the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip who are suffering so much.”

“Let us pray for so many victims of war, so many victims. War always destroys; war does not sow love; it sows hatred. War is a true defeat for humanity. We pray for the people who suffer in the war.”

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