Haider al-Abadi

First leader of the Coordination Framework to condemn Iranian attack on Erbil

BAGHDAD, January 16, 2024 – Haider al-Abadi, head of Al Nasr Coalition, became the first leader from the Coordination Framework to openly condemn the recent Iranian missile attack on Erbil. Al-Abadi’s statement, which also criticized American and Turkish actions against Iraqi sovereignty, underscored the seriousness of using Iraq as a battleground for settling scores. His stance aligns with the government’s measures against violations of Iraq’s sovereignty, calling for national solidarity to protect the country and its people.

The office of Haider al-Abadi released the following statement:

“We condemn the attack on the Iraqi city of Erbil, an assault and a breach of Iraq’s sovereignty. The attacks by various countries against Iraq, its institutions, and its people, such as the Iranian assault on Erbil, the American on security headquarters, and the Turkish against sovereignty, are transgressions that no people, state, or responsible national forces can accept, especially as they have affected Iraqi blood. The transgressions of countries against Iraq establish an enmity that serves no one, and using it as an arena for settling accounts is a dangerous game that will turn against everyone. We support the government’s measures against any transgression against Iraq, and we call for national solidarity to protect Iraq, its people, and its sovereignty.”