Attack to cover up intelegence failure in Kerman

Iraq PM advisor condemns Iranian missile strike as sovereignty violation

NEWSROOM, January 16 — In a recent interview with Al Jazeera, Khaled Al-Yaqoubi, the security advisor of Iraqi Prime Minister, strongly condemned the Iranian missile strike on Erbil as “a clear violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and a significant breach of the friendly relations between Iraq and Iran”.

Al-Yaqoubi emphasized that the strike “not only infringed upon Iraqi sovereignty but also deeply impacted the country’s national security”. He noted that the entire region is currently experiencing a critical and challenging period, facing significant escalations and pivotal moments.

Reflecting on Iraq’s historical cooperation with Iran, particularly in the fight against ISIS after 2014, Al-Yaqoubi questioned Iran’s unilateral action in determining targets and conducting operations without coordinating with the Iraqi government. He suggested that this could be “a result of the Iranian intelligence agencies misleading their political leadership, possibly as a diversion from their failure to prevent the attack in Kerman”, Iran.

In response to the incident, the Iraqi government has formed a fact-finding committee led by the National Security Advisor, Qasim Al-Araaji. “The committee’s investigation is expected to conclude within a day or two”. Al-Yaqoubi indicated that “Iraq might resort to international organizations or reassess its relationship with Iran across various sectors, depending on the investigation’s outcome”.

Addressing Iran’s claim that the targeted elements were affiliated with Mossad, Al-Yaqoubi pointed out that media reports documented a family killed alongside the guests during the strike, necessitating a thorough investigation to understand the facts.

He reiterated Iraq’s firm stance on its sovereignty, recalling the country’s protest against the United States for a similar violation. “The committee formed is not just for investigation, but also for fact-finding. Even if Iran’s claims are true”, Al-Yaqoubi stated, “it does not justify the violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Ideally, Iran should have shared such intelligence with the Iraqi state for appropriate action”.

Al-Yaqoubi concluded by stressing that “some parties are attempting to drag various factions into a specific type of conflict”. He assured that Iraq remains steadfast in its positions, carefully considering its steps to protect both Iraqi and Arab national security in the broader context of regional conflicts.

“Any attempts to undermine these efforts”, he warned, “would be detrimental”. He called on Iran to “respect Iraqi sovereignty”, deeming any justifications for these transgressions as “unacceptable to the Iraqi government.”