Media report 1,500 new U.S. soldiers headed to Iraq and Syria

Head of Security Media Cell denies entry of new foreign forces into Iraq

BAGHDAD, January 16 –  The head of Iraq’s Security Media Cell denied reports on Monday that additional U.S. soldiers were heading to the country to fight against ISIS militants.

Maj. Gen. Tahsin Al-Khafaji affirmed that the International Coalition’s role in Iraq is limited to an advisory and training mission.

A CBS News report earlier this week said 1,500 army reservists were being deployed from New Jersey to Iraq and Syria, in the largest movement of forces from the New Jersey Army National Guard since 2008.

A statement by the Security Media Cell said:

Head of the Security Media Cell, Major General Tahsin Al-Khafaji:

We deny reports about the entry of additional foreign forces into Iraq.

Iraq does not need any foreign forces, and the presence of the International Coalition is limited to providing advice, training, and security information.

The activation of the Joint Committee between Iraq and the International Coalition is imminent, which includes the schedule for withdrawal from Iraq and a reconsideration of the nature of the relationship in general.

There is a vision to conclude bilateral memoranda and agreements between Iraq and some coalition countries regarding armament, training, and information exchange.